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Attorneys and paralegals who do pro bono work or who are involved in Colorado's legal aid community, law school faculty and students in public service clinics, and social service advocates involved in legal aid are encouraged to join. Non-members click on Civil Law and then on Join this Area. Current members click on 'Login', top right. Once a member, choose Civil Law.

Why Pro Bono?

Interested in doing pro bono work? Go to this website and sign up today, or email your contact information to

Watch this video for inspiration from Colorado Access to Justice community members statewide, including the current and former Colorado Supreme Court Justices.

Want to learn more about the what and how of pro bono work in Colorado? Go to this website!

Request an Interpreter for a Court Hearing or Appointment

You can request an interpreter by using this online form. Please make your request at least five days prior to either.

New Resources Available for Self Represented Litigants

CLS, with help from colleagues in the CO legal community, has created new online resources to inform pro se litigants w/ specific legal issues of their legal rights and of legal processes. See what resources are available by viewing a copy of the outreach flyer. Or, click on each individual resource here: Sealing Court Records, Child Support Services, Small Claims in Colorado, and Temporary Protection Orders. Funding provided through the State Justice Institute.

Legislative Updates

Click on the link for a summary of bills in the 2014 Colorado Legislative Session.

Colorado's Legal Needs Assessment Report

Colorado Legal Services has released it's Legal Needs Assessment report. Thanks to all Colorado Legal Services staff, volunteers and community members who helped make this report possible.

Tough Choices about Homelessness

"It's one thing to feel bad for homeless people; it's another to be forced into their shoes. Advertising agency McKinney has teamed up with Urban Ministries of Durham (UMD), a non-profit based in North Carolina, to create SPENT, an online game that guides users through what it feels like to be homeless" Read the full article here, and click here to try out the simulation.

Transitioning In and Out of Poverty

Slightly more than half of the U.S. population experiences poverty at some time before age 65. This report by the Urban Institute explores how, when, and why the condition of poverty is cyclical within our society as well as the long and short term trends of living in poverty.

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What's New

Help Individuals with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Interested in helping individuals file Chapter 7 in Colorado, Montana or Utah? If so, check out this resource that will provide some basic information about filing Chapter 7 in any of these states, including how to sign up to do this type of volunteer work in any of the three states.

CLS Client Satisfaction Surveys

We are seeking feedback from both English and Spanish-speaking CLS clients. Please click here to complete our survey in English, and click here to complete our survey in Spanish. Thanks!

Mobile App for Pro Bono Recruitment and Training

Want to sign up for a case or other pro bono work on your mobile device? If so, please visit on your mobile device. Also, CLS has an additional site to help you understand the benefits of and processes involved to do pro bono work. Visit this site for more information.

Assistive Technologies: Providing Legal Services and Information to People with Disabilities

Do you know how a person with a disability might access information available through a computer? Click on this website link to get some basic information, including things to consider when providing legal services and information to people with disabilities.

Also, check out our new content online: SSI Myths and Facts (link here), Guardianship and Conservatorship Definitions (link here), and Preparing for an Administrative Hearing (link here). This content was created as a result of a collaboration between Colorado Legal Services, the Colorado Coalition for People with Disabilities, and with the help of volunteers. Content development was partially funded through a Technology Initiative Grant from the Legal Services Corporation.

2010 Census Information

Click here to see a selection of 2010 Census information that could be helpful for CLS staff and the legal aid community.

A Quick and Easy Method of Screening for Medicaid Eligibility under the Pickle Amendment

This provides an easy method for screening for Medicaid eligibility for current Social Security recipients who appear to have too much income to qualify for Medicaid. Click here to read more.

Unemployment Hearing Procedures

This document from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment explains procedures for an unemployment hearing. Topics include pre-hearing submissions, preparing for the hearing, postponement requests, subpoena requests and late appeals and failure to appear.

Collaborative ID Project Assists Needy with Name Changes

Colorado Legal Services, along with two other non-profits and the Denver Department of Human Services, is managing a special project to assist low-income individuals who need help obtaining a state ID or a birth certificate. Learn more about the ID Project here.

Colorado's Access to Justice Commission

The mission of the Colorado Access to Justice Commission is to develop, coordinate and implement policy initiatives to expand access to and enhance the quality of justice in civil legal matters for persons who encounter barriers in gaining access to Colorado's civil justice system. To learn more and/or to get involved please click here.

Pro Bono Attorneys & Clients: Strategies for Success

Click here for tips on how to more effectively work with your pro bono client.

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